We believe that financial planning is about people, not about money.

This belief guides everything we do, from the way we work with clients, to the professionals we collaborate with and through to our business model.

It’s why our clients are at the centre of everything we do

We’ve made a deliberate decision to shape the way we work around the things that clients tell us they value, like taking the time to make them feel comfortable to talk to us about their lives and being available and willing to listen.

We enjoy getting to know our clients, taking time to understand them and finding out what they want from their financial lives.  We work together with our clients helping them identify, define and prioritise their personal goals and how to bring these about.

We care about our clients. We know money is emotional and can be complex and so we want to help take the stress and worry out of financial decisions.  Part of our role is educating clients, so they are equipped to make informed decisions.

It’s why we have a collaborative and team approach to working with clients

We believe our clients benefit from having a fully coordinated financial strategy.  To achieve this, we work collaboratively with other professionals, such as solicitors and accountants, to give our clients a team of experts.

This team extends to the staff at Crawford Consulting and we encourage our clients to get to know us all.  We deliberately work with only a select number of clients, so that we can maintain a friendly, efficient and highly personalised approach.

It’s why we don’t base our fees on the amount of money invested 

We charge a flat fee based on the level of service needed, not the amount of money invested.  There are no percentages to work out.

Our services are designed as a menu of options to give flexibility and to make sure that our clients are only ever paying for the services they need.

We think financial planning should be an ongoing conversation with services provided when they’re needed, and we know that advice can be needed at any time.  So, we decided not to charge separate fees for advice and ongoing services, our flat fee covers both.  We want all our clients to feel able to call or email us at any time without worrying whether there will be additional fees to pay.

We are proud to work in this way as we believe it is clear and transparent for our clients.