We work together with you, assisting you to build, protect and enjoy your wealth during your lifetime and to put in place suitable tax efficient arrangements that aim to ensure your wealth passes to those you care about for the future.

We develop your personal strategic plan through:

  • Proper conversations about what you want to achieve
  • Sensible discussions about what risk means to you, what types of risk you are prepared to take, what types of risk you can afford to take
  • A review of any planning already in place and an assessment of it against your current needs
  • Developing ideas for discussion, stress testing and understanding
  • Agreeing on the ideas that will work for you
  • Researching the market to find the right providers for the ideas in your financial plan
  • Providing you with your personal recommendations (advice) report
  • Working with you to put the financial plan in place


Our ongoing relationship

Financial planning should be reviewed regularly because nothing stays the same.  When your life changes, or legislation changes, or the financial landscape changes, your strategy may need to change too.  Our relationship with our clients is ongoing, so that their plans can be adapted to take account of the challenges that life presents from time to time.

To make sure your financial plan stays relevant and up to date we will:

  • Have regular conversations to keep up to date with what you want to achieve and any changes
  • Keep talking about risk and what it means to you and your plans
  • Make sure your planning stays on track, even when your priorities change
  • Give you ongoing personal financial guidance and advice

And then there are the things we do, all the time, in the background, that you may not notice but are important to make sure that everything runs smoothly:

  • We’re talking about you! – so our team know who you are, what your aims are and what we are doing to help you achieve them
  • We’re thinking about you – are there things you need to know; are there ways we can help you better?
  • Keeping our technical expertise up to date
  • Keeping up to date with changes in rules and law
  • Maintaining a network of trusted professionals, such as accountants and solicitors, to provide additional support to our clients
  • Carrying out investment manager due diligence
  • Making sure that any products we use are appropriate and suitable
  • Keeping our business compliant with FCA requirements

What you can expect from working with Crawford Consulting

  • Help to prioritise what’s important in your financial life
  • Someone to help remove the emotion from your financial / life decisions
  • Protection from impulsive decisions
  • Someone to provide a different point of view / challenge you
  • Help and advice to keep your financial life on track
  • Someone who is keeping their finger on the pulse in relation to:
  • Your dreams and aspirations
  • Your attitude to risk (this can change due to changes in age, health, circumstances etc)
  • Changes to law and rules that can affect your plans