Jargon free chat

It’s not always easy to know what type of financial support or advice you might need.  To help you make this decision we offer an initial meeting at no charge.  We call this meeting our ‘jargon free chat’ because we try to keep things as straightforward as possible.

The jargon free chat is an opportunity for you to tell us a little about yourself and what your main financial concerns are.  We will explain how we work, the services we offer and the costs.  By the end of the meeting we hope to have given you an understanding of our services so you are able to decide which would suit you best.

We hope that this meeting will lead to a long-term working relationship with you and where relevant, with your other advisers such as your solicitor and accountant, so you can achieve a fully coordinated financial strategy.



Getting to know you and your aspirations

We think it’s important that our clients have a proper understanding of their financial lives.  That’s why cash flow modelling is included in our service.

Cash flow modelling lets our clients clearly see their financial obligations, priorities and aspirations and helps them visualise their financial future.

Using a specialist cash flow modelling system and our expertise we can help you understand your current financial position and visualise how this may look in the future.

Cash flow modelling can help you answer questions like “How long will my money last?” and “Will I have enough money for my foreseeable needs?”  It can assist with prioritising your financial goals and identifying planning needs, such as effective use of your existing resources, inheritance tax planning and long-term care planning.