How we can help

Peace of mind

Finding financial peace of mind starts with understanding exactly what that means for you.  Our approach helps you do this.

Asking the right questions

You might ask us where you should invest your money.  We’ll ask you ‘What makes you happy?’ We think it’s about what your wealth allows you to do, rather than what you do with your wealth.

Planning to achieve your goals

A properly structured plan will help you stay on track to achieve your goals.  We will help you build one.

Financial and risk management  

When you understand the risks, you make better decisions. Our expertise will guide you through this.

We believe financial planning is about people, not about money

This belief guides everything we do, from the way we work with you, to the professionals we collaborate with and through to our business model.

Personal approach

You want to know what your wealth can help you achieve.  To help you find out, we need to really get to know you.  That’s why we deliberately work with only a select number of clients, allowing us to offer a friendly and personalised approach.


You know that teamwork will usually give the best results.  We want you to be part of a great team of experts, so we regularly work with our clients’ solicitors, accountants, and other professionals.  This means the advice you receive is always joined up.

Fee based

You know that good advice is worth paying for, but should what you pay be based on how much money you have?  We don’t think so, which is why we charge a flat fee, based on the level of service we provide, not the amount of money you invest.


How would you feel if your supermarket only offered own brand products?  This is the way some financial advisers work.  We think our clients deserve more choice and as an independent financial advice firm we can recommend products and services from the whole of the market.


It’s not always easy to know what help and advice you need.  We’re here to help you explore that, so you get the right advice at the right time.

This often means moving away from focusing on a product and looking at things from a slightly different perspective.

For example, if you’re looking for pension advice, we might ask “How can we help you plan for a comfortable retirement, doing all the things you love?”  or if you want help with your investments, we’d ask “What do your investments need to do to give you peace of mind?”


Help you define what peace of mind means to you.

Help you understand what your wealth can allow you to do and help you plan to achieve your goals.

Help you manage intergenerational planning and help your family.

Help you navigate financial, tax and legislative risks.

Are built on collaborative relationships and ongoing conversations.

Are advice driven, not product driven.


Most financial advice firms provide an ‘initial advice’ service followed by ‘ongoing services’.  We believe that financial planning should be a continuous conversation, so we offer an ongoing service with access to advice at any time, all covered by one flat fee.

When we start working with you, we will go through the following steps:

  • Get to know you and your current financial circumstances.
  • Provide you with a cash flow model so you understand your current, and potential future situation.
  • Discuss your aspirations, capacity and appetite for risk, and assess your existing planning.
  • Help you define and prioritise your personal goals.
  • Work with you to develop a strategic plan.
  • Keep all the above under regular review.

Using this approach, we’ll help you define what peace of mind means to you, what your future dreams are, what you want for your family, and even what keeps you awake at night.  Then we’ll help you make a plan, which we’ll review regularly to make sure you stay on track through whatever changes come along.